Your Life is Worth The Wait

Whether it’s making curfew or making it to an interview on time, crossing the train tracks to save a few minutes is a life or death decision. If the red lights are flashing and the crossing arms are down, a train is coming, even if you can’t see or hear it. Trains can’t stop, but you can. Watch the video below and Make Your Choice.

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Always expect a train.

  • Trains can cross from either direction at anytime.
  • Slow down and look both ways before crossing railroad tracks.
  • Stop for approaching trains. Saving a few minutes is not worth risking your life.
  • Ensure there is enough space for your vehicle to clear the railroad tracks before crossing.
  • Look out for crossings with multiple rail lines. Check every set of railroad tracks before driving across.
  • If your vehicle stalls on railroad tracks, notify Union Pacific by calling the phone number posted at the crossing. Dispatchers will try to stop approaching trains. You can also call 911.

What Would You Do?

Share this message with family and friends!