Less than Truckload, LTL

  • Weight is greater than 121 but less than 8000 lbs
  • Must be less than 28 linear feet
  • Shipment must be entered into the UPRR Logistics Management System, LMS
  • Supplier must use the preassigned pro# that is issued after entering shipment into LMS, and hand write on the BOL
  • Do not consolidate multiple destinations on 1 pallet; each destination must have its own packing slip attached to pallet
  • Destination must clearly be marked as UPRR on the bill of lading (refer to sample BOL)
  • UPRR will notify you of the assigned carrier
  • Third Party bill to should be filled out as follows:

    Attn: Logistics Group
    1400 Douglas St, MS 0780
    Omaha, NE 68179

Call 877-744-8777 with any additional questions