The Payment Tracing application allows you to trace payments which have been issued to you by UPRR. It helps to provide payment info such as items paid, amounts paid, invoice info, and general comments related to the payment where applicable. The application also allows you to download the results into a MS Excel spreadsheet for your own purposes.

How to Perform a Payment Trace

To perform a payment trace, you must enter the following information into the entry screen:

  • Payment Type
    Select the payment type you received from UPRR by clicking on the radio button. Electronic funds transfers are Wire/ACH payments.

  • Check Number
    Should not include any leading zeros. Check numbers are not used if Electronic funds transfer was selected as the payment type.

  • Date
    Enter as numbers only, in month (mm) / day (dd) / year (yyyy) format.

  • Payment Amount
    Enter the amount of the payment received. May be entered preceded by a dollar sign or without, with decimals denoting cents.

After entering the above information, select "Trace" to start the trace. If you wish to change the data you've entered, select "Clear" to erase the data and re-enter.

For questions related to the results screen, see "Payment Results" under tutorial links.

Doc Type Descriptions and Accounts Payable Contacts

Doc Type Description Accounts Payable Contact Phone Number
KG Vendor Credit Memo Accounts Payable (402) 544-2729
KR Vendor Invoice Accounts Payable (402) 544-2729
XA ARMS Refunds Greg Deering (402) 544-7776
XB PORIS Invoices Accounts Payable (402) 544-2729
XC CARS Private Car Hire Eric Rogge (402) 544-8135
XD CAS Invoices Supply (877) 243-1356
XE RIS Refunds Lindsey Munro (402) 544-1255
XF UPDS Invoices Katie Brink (402) 544-7929
XG UPST Streamline Inv Andy O'Leary (402) 501-4106
XH Freight Claim Inv Mara Fikes (903) 731-7899
XI Fuel Invoices Melissa Allen (402) 544-4772
XJ 1-5 Corridor Inv Mikala Snyder (402) 544-0789
XK NEI Invoices Jack Sullivan (402) 544-7075
XL Overcharge Claims Donna Mueller (402) 544-0131
XM Power Law Inv Sabrina Hughes (402) 544-0586
XN Property Tax Inv Mike Batko (402) 544-4898
XO Supply Freight Inv Peter Jones (402) 544-3007
XP Trailer Repair Inv Matt Larson (402) 544-1852
XQ Warranty Claim Inv Supply (402) 544-0014
XR CBR Collectable Inv Bill Forthmann (402) 544-7768
XS Insight SCN Invoices Jim Lusk III (402) 544-1474
XT Rail Car Lease Inv Gennie Shucard (402) 544-0240
ZF 3rd Party for Employee Kristin Holthus (402) 544-4693
ZM Utility Multipay Accounts Payable (402) 544-2729
ZU Utility Vendor Accounts Payable (402) 544-2729