The Invoice Tracing application allows you to trace invoices which have been submitted to UPRR to determine the payment status (whether paid or pending), the date on which the invoice was paid, the voucher number (if applicable), and the document identification number (for Accounts Payable retrieval purposes).

How to Perform an Invoice Trace

To trace an invoice, you must enter the following information into the entry screen:

  • Number
    Should not include any leading zeroes or characters other than numbers or letters.

  • Date
    Enter as numbers only, in month (mm) / day (dd) / year (yyyy) format.

  • Gross Amount
    Enter the gross amount, prior to discounts. May be entered preceded by a dollar sign, with decimals denoting cents.

  • PO Numbers
    If your invoice contains a purchase order (PO), check the appropriate box. If not, leave blank

After entering the above information, select "Trace" to start the trace. If you wish to change the data you've entered, select "Clear" to erase the data and re-enter.

For questions related to the results screen, see "Invoice Results" under tutorial links.