Test Your Safety Smarts

Take our railroad safety quiz.

(Hint: Check Operation Lifesaver's Safety Tips for help with finding answers!)

How much does a train weigh?

  • 6,000 pounds
  • 60,000 pounds
  • 600 tons
  • 6,000 tons
  • 1 million tons

How far does it take for a 100-car train moving 55 miles per hour to stop?

  • The length of one football field
  • The length of 12 football fields
  • The length of 18 football fields
  • The length of 24 football fields
  • The length of 100 football fields

Railroad tracks with rusty rails or weeds growing up between the ties are usually no longer in use.

  • True
  • False

Trains only go in one direction on a designated track.

  • True
  • False

It's OK to enter and be on railroad property without permission.

  • True
  • False

Walking down train tracks is ill-advised because:

  • It's trespassing and you could get arrested
  • It's dangerous. By the time a locomotive engineer can see you, it's too late to stop
  • It's both trespassing and dangerous

How far do trains extend beyond the rail?

  • They don't extend beyond the rail.
  • Only a few inches.
  • Three feet or more
  • Three yards or more
  • The length of a football field

Who has the right of way at train crossings?

  • Trains
  • Cars
  • Ambulances and fire engines
  • Pedestrians
  • Police

Trains can be deceptively quiet when approaching.

  • True
  • False

If no train is present at a crossing, it's OK to disregard flashing signals and proceed through the crossing.

  • True
  • False