Utilities Installations

A crossing is a pipeline or wireline that enters the railroad company's trackage from one side of the right-of-way to the other side of the right of way in as near a straight line as possible. These installations should follow Procedures for Pipeline Crossings or Procedures for Wireline Crossings. Or, you may use our new online application process.

An encroachment is a pipeline or wireline that enters the railroad company's right-of-way and either does not leave the right of way or follows along the right of way for some distance. These installations should follow Procedures for Encroachments.

This online application process will allow you to complete an application for a wireline or a pipeline crossing electronically, and will save you time and money - avoiding the delays, expense and uncertainty of mailing applications to us. Due to the complexities of encroachments you cannot submit an online application for an encroachment

If an installation entails both an encroachment and a crossing, procedures for both must be followed. However, only one Application Form [6K PDF] needs to be filled out. This single application must be accompanied by both the appropriate Exhibit "A" document (describing the crossing) and complete engineering plans (detailing the encroachment).

If the installation method for this utility is to involve the use of a directional drilling method, specific guidelines established by the Railroad must be met. Union Pacific Railroad follows AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering Chapter 1 - PART 5 Pipelines. To purchase a copy of these AREMA guidelines send an Application to AREMA.


Rush Handling

  • Only  crossing applications can be "Rushed
  • Pipeline crossings over 40 inches cannot be "Rushed
  • Deviations from standard engineering specifications cannot be "Rushed"
  • Encroachment applications cannot be "Rushed".

Rush Application Form [4K PDF], (print a copy, complete and mail with check), and

  • Rush Fee of $3,055