Union Pacific Railroad to Stop Sounding Horns at Select St. Louis Area Crossings

Omaha, Neb., July 8, 2005 – Union Pacific Railroad trains will stop sounding horns today at crossings where previous whistle bans were in effect at various St. Louis-area locations.

The whistle ban, or quiet zone, locations are: McRee Ave. to Davis St. on the DeSoto Sub; Theresa Ave. to Knox Ave. on the Jefferson City Sub; and Chouteau Ave. to Courtouis St. on the Lesperance Industrial Lead.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) recently released its Final Rule on the Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings as a means of providing relief to hundreds of communities affected by train horn noise. The Final Rule provided communities that had existing quiet zones as of December 18, 2003, the option of maintaining their whistle bans. These communities were required to file a Notice of Continuation with affected railroads and the FRA.

Before the Final Rule, Union Pacific had been sounding horns at crossings in such previous locations that previously were designated as quiet zones throughout the city of St. Louis, while Union Pacific and city officials worked to compile the necessary documentation for the Notice of Continuation. The Notice of Continuation has now been properly filed, and Union Pacific will therefore discontinue sounding horns in pre-rule quiet zone locations.

Union Pacific Railroad reminds pedestrians and motorists to observe and obey warning devices at all railroad crossings by yielding to trains.

Union Pacific Corporation owns one of America's leading transportation companies. Its principal operating company, Union Pacific Railroad, is the largest railroad in North America, covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States. A strong focus on quality and a strategically advantageous route structure enable the company to serve customers in critical and fast growing markets. Union Pacific is a leading carrier of low-sulfur coal used in electrical power generation and has broad coverage of the large chemical-producing areas along the Gulf Coast. With competitive long-haul routes between all major West Coast ports and eastern gateways, and as the only railroad serving all six major gateways to Mexico, Union Pacific has the premier rail franchise in North America.

For more information, contact Mark Davis (402) 544-5459.

Crossings by line segment

Desoto Subdivision: McRee Ave., Shaw Ave., Bishoff Ave., Beck Ave., Meramac St., Gustine, Delor St., Bates St., Wilmington Ave., Koeln Ave., Michigan Ave., Minnesota Ave., Pennsylvania Ave., Broadway and Davis St.

Jefferson City Subdivision: Theresa Ave., Old Kings Highway, Dicky-Clay Barron/Grand Ave., Macklind Ave., Manchester Ave., Sublette Ave., Sulpher Ave. and Knox Ave.

Lesperance Industrial Lead: Chouteau Ave., Rutger, Barton St., Victor St., Sidney St., Dorcas St., Arsenal St., Zepp St., - Potomac St., Gasconade St., Elwood St., Fillmore St., - Iron St., Soper St., Mott St., Haven St., Krause St., Loughborough Ave., Quincy St., Nagel St., Robert Ave, Upton St., Steins St. and Courtois St.

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