Union Pacific Improves More Than 36 Miles Of Track On Los Angeles Basin Lines

Railroad Invests $59 Million on 80 Miles of Track in Two Years

TRT 909

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LA Vicinity Track Improvements

Omaha, Neb., January 10, 2007 – Union Pacific Railroad is spending $38 million this year on track improvements to two of its main lines in the Los Angeles Basin.  Traffic delays may result as crews move through and resurface crossings on Union Pacific lines between Mira Loma and Pedley, Hobart and Diamond Bar, and El Monte and Marne.

"We apologize in advance for traffic and Metrolink delays that may occur while these necessary track maintenance projects are under way," said Lupe Valdez, director – public policy. "This maintenance work ensures our track structure is sound and the long-term benefits outweigh any short-term delays."

A major portion of the project is the replacement of wooden ties with concrete ties. The concrete ties will enhance track strength to better handle the nation’s growing demand for rail shipments. The concrete ties will last longer than traditional wooden ties – reducing the time needed for future track maintenance.  Also part of this project is the replacement of the road surface at crossings which will provide motorists a smoother ride as they pass over the crossings.

When the projects are completed, crews will have installed 93,800 concrete ties; spread 110,000 tons of rock ballast to ensure a stable roadbed; replaced the surfaces at 18 road crossings; replaced 33 turnouts that guide a train from one track to another; replaced 36 miles of straight rail and replaced 1,800 ft. of rail in various curves on the lines.  Work began on these projects January 2, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

Most of these projects will be completed by Union Pacific’s track renewal train, the TRT 909.  The TRT 909 will install rail and concrete ties in one pass, and can install up to 5,000 ties in a twelve-hour day. About 30 cars – each carrying 168 concrete ties – are part of the TRT. Three sets of gantry cranes move the concrete ties forward for the TRT to drop into place and the machine then threads the new rail onto the ties. The worn ties are picked up and the discarded rail threaded out as the machine works its way down the track. A conveyor moves the removed ties into position for the gantry cranes to load them onto the cars for movement to a facility for sorting. The TRT 909 can install concrete, composite and wooden ties.

Last year, Union Pacific invested $21.3 million replacing 43.3 miles of rail and ties along its right of way between East Los Angeles and Riverside, and resurfacing many public crossings along the route.
These improvements are part of Union Pacific’s annual program to maintain its track across its more than 32,400-mile system.

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