Response Management Communications Center

To Report Emergencies -
Contact UP Police at 1-888-877-7267.

Union Pacific is focused on Safety and Securement. Union Pacific is a common carrier by rail. Federal law requires common carriers, like Union Pacific, to move hazardous materials, ethanol and crude oil for our customers. If our customer delivers the hazardous material in conformity with US Department of Transportation requirements, Union Pacific must transport the hazardous material. Our primary goal is to safely transport those hazardous materials.

Union Pacific transports all commodities in accordance with all applicable federal law and industry standards. To maximize safety and security when moving hazardous materials, Union Pacific has implemented additional voluntary rules to secure trains operating on our 23-state network.

UP invests substantially in efforts to improve hazardous materials transportation safety, funding an array of security and hazardous materials-related initiatives that exceed mandatory compliance measures.