Union Pacific Railroad Gets in the Weeds

Company set to spray for weeds in Eugene

In order to operate freight trains safely and efficiently, Union Pacific has to maintain a vegetation control program. As part of this program, weather permitting, Union Pacific will be working in the city limits of Eugene for approximately two weeks, beginning the week of March 16.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Union Pacific have to spray for vegetation?

Union Pacific has to address vegetation for the safety of the public, our employees and our train operations. Federal and state regulations require that we have a vegetation control program. Controlling the growth of vegetation helps the general public because it is an important part of fire prevention. It's also important for the safety of our employees and the trains we run. Cutting and spraying vegetation ensures our employees can easily see railroad signals and it reduces stumbling hazards for railroad employees. Vegetation can also interfer with signal lines, and their root systems can hurt the stability of the track's roadbed.

Why is Union Pacific notifying local residents of the vegetation control?

Union Pacific works closely with the city of Eugene to keep local residents aware of the work that is being done. This is a voluntary notification in collaboration with the city of Eugene.

How often does Union Pacific spray for vegetation in Eugene?

Our goal is to spray the tracks once a year. We only re-spray in areas where the treatment was not effective.

What times will Union Pacific be spraying?

We start spraying early in the morning, the calmest time of the day. Daily application is done around the train's schedule.

What type of herbicide will be used?

The primary products used to treat the vegetation will be as follows:

Herbicide Information
Accord XRT Label Info MSDS
Activator 90 Label Info MSDS
Oust XP Label Info MSDS
Perspective Label Info MSDS
(*MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet)

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