For Active and Retired Union Pacific Employees

Every day the Friend to Friend Network helps an average of three Railroad families in need.

Monthly Payroll Deductions

$ 5 3 , 5 5 6

Employees Helped in January 2014: 112

Current Number of Employees Donating: 6,889

Updated: February 2, 2014

Don't let suffering Railroad families near you get overlooked!
Call the Friend to Friend helpline today: (800) 457-7962.

To be eligible for financial assistance you must be:

  • A Union Pacific employee, retiree or their family (spouses and children) and
  • Have suffered a medical related emergency that required hospitalization or time off work
  • or a dwelling related emergency following a fire, flood or other weather event that caused them to be out of their primary home.

The generous support of thousands of railroad employees and other contributors insures that these families and other like them will receive assistance for medical and dwelling emergencies for years to come.

While helping three Railroad families in need every day is a wonderful thing, we know there may be ten times as many Railroad families across the system who suffer qualified medical and dwelling related emergencies that we never hear about.

Please help the Friend to Friend Network find these other Railroad families in need by calling in their information. Help from the Friend to Friend Network is just a toll-free phone call away. Messages can be left 24X7 and checks are usually on the way the very next day.

For any questions regarding applications, please contact a  committee member.