The Illinois Basin is a major bituminous coal producing area consisting of the coal fields of Illinois, Indiana and Western Kentucky. Illinois Basin coal deposits are characterized by high BTU, mid-range sulphur, moderate ash and low moisture content.

Illinois Basin coals have traditionally enjoyed the benefit of multi-modal transportation and the Union Pacific Railroad is a vital part of this comprehensive transportation system. We can provide rail-to-barge, rail-to-lake cargo vessel and rail-to-ocean vessel services, as well as all-rail transportation. We serve several rail-to-river barge transfer facilities on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. These installations are equipped for direct discharge from railcars to barges. The Union Pacific also provides direct service to a number of mines in the Illinois Basin and accesses the remaining mines through interchange with other railroads.

Names in bold indicate mine names. Names directly below them indicate company ownership. There is no information available for mine or company names rendered in black.