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Commodities Shipped by Union Pacific

Agricultural Products

Union Pacific Railroad's Agricultural Products team ships everything from fresh and frozen food to beverages like beer, from sweeteners to meals and oils, to the whole grains and grain products that feed the nation. We even have a team of experts dedicated to serving the ethanol industry. Union Pacific is focused on providing a variety of innovative transportation solutions, like our coast-to-coast refrigerated produce transportation service that expedites fresh produce from production regions to major consumption areas.


Whether you're shipping automotive parts, finished vehicles or aftermarket vehicles, Union Pacific Railroad's Automotive team has the transportation and logistics solutions for you. We directly serve five vehicle assembly plants, distribute imported vehicles from both West Coast and Gulf Coast ports, and operate 37 vehicle distribution centers that serve as rail car-to-truck haulaway operations for all major automotive manufacturers. Union Pacific provides expedited handling of automobile parts - in both boxcars and containers - and finished automobiles and offers unparalleled access to and from Mexico, as manufacturers continue to locate both vehicle manufacturing and parts facilities at locations throughout that country. And as we strive to meet the needs of all consumers, we are now proud to offer nationwide personal vehicle transportation.


Union Pacific Railroad's Chemicals group ships products like petrochemicals, fertilizer and soda ash. We serve the nation's largest chemical production area, located in the Gulf Coast, the world's largest soda ash reserve, located in Green River, Wyoming, and offer key routes to major population centers in the eastern United States.


Union Pacific Railroad's Coal team is committed to providing coal transportation to the utility, industrial and export markets. Every year, we ship more than 200 million tons of coal from mines in the Southern Powder River Basin, Utah, Colorado, Southern Wyoming and Southern Illinois. Our geographic reach and connections allow us to deliver coal to electric plants across the nation, West Coast and Gulf Coast ports, and facilities on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and Great Lakes.

Industrial Products

Union Pacific Railroad's Industrial Products team ships a variety of both raw materials and finished goods. Key products shipped include aggregates, cement, roofing materials, government-related items, wind turbine components, generators, household appliances, lumber and panel products, pipe, sheet steel, beams, scrap metal, sand, lime, clay and waste. 


Union Pacific Railroad's Intermodal team provides a wide range of multi-modal transportation solutions for both domestic and international freight. Our extensive door-to-door and ramp-to-ramp services provide customers access to markets throughout North America, with the flexibility to move freight in rail-owned shipping containers or private equipment. We even offer less-than-truckload (LTL) options for small shipments. Union Pacific Intermodal is committed to offering truck-competitive rates and service schedules.

Mexico Markets

Union Pacific Railroad is the leading provider of transportation services to and from the U.S./Mexico border and the only railroad to serve all six major gateways. Our unique business approach allows us to provide a wide range of comprehensive transportation options and a committed team of professionals supporting international customers. We have extensive sales coverage in Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Irapuato), at the border (Laredo and El Paso) and throughout the United States, as well as a bilingual, experienced International Customer Service Center (ICSC) team with expertise in international freight handling, border processes and Mexico rail systems. Our Mexico customers have access to all of Union Pacific's shipping solutions, including carload, intermodal and transload.

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