Price & Transit Time Inquiry
This application allows users to view prices in most of the current UP-issued tariff/circular publications (also known as rate authorities) available today, as well as many other railroad publications ("foreign documents") in which UP is included in the routing. Note: only those tariff/circular publications which list UP in the routing are available. Prices may be accessed either for tariff rates (also known as point-to-point, or origin/destination rates), or for mileage scale rates (based on mileage calculation methods known as Railroad, R28300, Highway or a combination of same).
Mileage Calculator
The Mileage Calculator indicates the railroad mileage between selected locations on the Union Pacific system, based on Tariff UP 6000 series official distances between UP stations.

Equipment Placement & Release
With this application, you can send an online order for spotting (placement) and release of equipment at your industry. Based on your request, UP will move loaded equipment from its yards and place it at a designated location at your industry, and collect from your industry those pieces of empty equipment which you list (by ID number) and submit.
Bill of Lading
To access this application, call 1-800-872-1045 after obtaining a customer User ID and password. This application allows customers to submit bills of lading online. Detailed shipping instructions, including billing data, rates, routing, and commodity information may be entered directly into the form.
Waybill History Inquiry
Waybill History Inquiry allows customers to view details of the last 10 waybills related to a piece of equipment, based on the equipment's ID number. Details include billing information, special conditions, third parties to the bill, and data on multiple car shipments, among other items (the history and availability of details depends on the specific equipment ID entered).

Car Order
Car Order enables customers to order rail cars, and to monitor their car orders. Customers can order cars without assistance, after they get reusable 'patterns' from Union Pacific's National Customer Service Center (NCSC). To order cars, a customer needs only to select a pattern, and to specify how many cars will be needed on each date chosen. Dates can be 7 to 90 days in the future. In monitoring previously placed car orders, a customer can see how many cars were ordered, and the quantity, status, and mechanical characteristics of cars already applied to the order.

Pended Waybill Inquiry
This inquiry application accesses information regarding pended bills on equipment moving to UP on another railroad or equipment destined for, but not yet received at, an intermodal ramp.

Dimensional Clearance
Access to the Dimensional Clearance Request form is automatic upon acceptance of your registration as a customer with UP. Of primary interest to industrial products commodities shippers, this is an online request form for railroad clearance of dimensional and oversized shipments.

Secured Equipment Trace
Access to this application is automatic upon acceptance of your registration as a customer with UP. Traces any car, regardless of railroad line, as long as Union Pacific is included in the routing. Provides information regarding the current location, scheduled and accomplished events, and waybill data. Customers may enter and store lists of up to 100 equipment ID numbers to facilitate tracing access.

Pool Inquiry
This inquiry application obtains information regarding the status of pool assignments, equipment identification data, the location and status of cars within a pool, and control orders referencing a pool. (A pool consists of an assigned group of cars used to satisfy the requirements of a particular customer at a specific location.)

Train Inquiry
This consist inquiry can access information for all cars currently on the train as well as cars scheduled to be picked up or set out by the train.

UMLER Inquiry
This application accesses TCS information regarding equipment characteristics and specifications.

Weight Inquiry
Use this application to obtain information on the gross, tare and net weights for all equipment weighed on UP lines, as well as the location at which the weighing was done and the date on which the weights were taken.

Bulk Train Planner
This application provides Energy and Agricultural Products customers a Web-based solution for their forecasting, incentive process management, train destination management, tracing and real-time reporting requirements

Automotive Delivery & Information Management System
Provides automobile manufacturers and ramp operators access to the real time status of new vehicles (cars and trucks) being transported over UP. VINs are tracked at all UP distribution and loading facilities, as well. The system aids UP auto ramp operations in forecasting workload at UP facilities, details current facility inventory, and provides a work projection process between the facility and the haulaways, in order to pre-plan for dealer delivery.

Steelroads Web Site
This tracing application (located at the Steelroads Web site) uses the rail industry's powerful central computer to extract shipment location information from over 300 railroads in North America. Most of these reportings are available within a couple of hours of their occurrence. Requires registration at the Steelroads Web site to obtain access (only railroads and rail customers are eligible). For additional information and password registration, go to the Steelroads site. For support or assistance, please phone the UP EDI team at 1-800-872-1045.

Repetitive Inquiry
This application accesses information regarding the status of shipments moving on UP.

Cutoff Times
Determines the list of locations associated with the Customer and displays the cutoff times for inbound and outbound rail cars at each location.

Chemical Private Empty Storage
Chemical Private Empty Storage allows customers to view their current chemical private empty car inventory via the Internet. This application includes month-to-date summary and detail data by customer. Customers also are able to download the information to their local system. Please call your UP Business Manager or Director for any data-related questions.
Intermodal Accessorial Management
Allows the customer to view and/or authorize storage on Intermodal units at the ramps.
Private Car Registration
This application is to register private and foreign rail cars where UP is the origin road haul carrier. Customers must submit an application prior to the shipper-provided cars being moved online.



Equipment Events
Based on your preferences, this application provides automated notification for more than 20 service events that impact your shipments. It includes information for bad orders, equipment constructively placed at your facility, and more.

Price Notifications
Based on your preferences, this application provides automated notification via Web and e-mail for changes to UP prices.

Web Freight Bill
Web Freight Bill offers customers the ability to receive their freight bills via the Web and remit their payments via their current process. The feature also includes the ability to dispute and print their freight bills. For more information, call 1-877-712-4687.

Web Invoice/Payment
Account on the Web (AOW) offers customers the ability to manage their invoices, payments, and dispute processes via the Internet. For more information, call 1-877-712-4687.

Bulk Train Inquiry
This application allows customers to access information regarding trains servicing mines, power plants, and unit grain shipments, including exact trains headed to and from the facilities, their estimated arrival times, their status and current location, and the train's equipment consist.

Equipment Events
Through this application, customers may select from eight (of the 28 existing types) of the UP equipment notification reports, which may be viewed and printed from this Web site. Select as many or few types of reports as desired--selections may be changed at any time. Notification types currently available include:

Grain Car Allocation System - Voucher Authorization
A simplified method for Grain Car customers to view Grain Car Tenders and to submit bids for guaranteed car placement.

UP Reciprocal Switching Circular
Reciprocal Switching is an arrangement between carriers where the carrier physically serving the industry performs switching service on behalf of the other carrier on shipments having an immediately-preceding or following line-haul movement via the other carrier.

The UP Reciprocal Switching Circular is a listing of specific fees UP charges other railroads for reciprocal switching service at the terminals listed. UP provides reciprocal switching only to or from UP customers specifically listed in this circular. Shipments to or from UP customers not listed must move in UP line-haul service.