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Purchasing Union Pacific Railroad Property
Union Pacific Railroad Company, through the Internet, is expanding its efforts to sell surplus property. This is a brief overview of the railroad's procedures when considering a request to purchase railroad property and an explanation of how the railroad determines if the property is surplus.

A request to purchase surplus property must identify the specific area and be submitted in writing by the intended purchaser. Your letter to the appropriate Real Estate Manager, should describe your intended use of the site and must include your name, address and phone number, as well as a print identifying the property you are interested in purchasing. If you are represented by a real estate agent, your letter should identify that agent's name, address and phone number. The railroad does not typically pay real estate commissions or closing costs and may require a survey to be prepared at the purchaser's expense.

Generally, our process to determine if the property you have identified is surplus includes a review of your request, obtaining the necessary internal approvals and establishing a purchase price for the property in question. If the initial review indicates that the property in question can be sold, a letter of understanding, which details the terms and conditions of the proposed sale, is then provided for your review.

This should not be construed as a commitment to sell real property, as all such matters require formal approval by the management of Union Pacific Railroad Company.