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Safety Billboards Have New Look, Message in Six Cities

Posted October 21, 2013 2:11 p.m. CDT

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Billboards like this one in Chicago raise awareness that a train could be using the railroad tracks at any time and to always approach them with caution.

Union Pacific safety billboards in Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso, Midland and Odessa, Texas, have a fresh look and updated messaging aimed at encouraging drivers and pedestrians to be careful and alert around railroad track and crossings.

Each new billboard includes the reminder “Always Expect a Train,” along with an eye-catching visual and attention-grabbing headline, such as:

  • "Life is Worth the Wait."
  • "Signal On. Brake On."
  • "High Centered. High Danger."
  • "Every Crossing. Extra Caution.”
  • "Be Alert. Be Aware. Stay Alive."

The updated signs complement other billboards in Ennis, Laredo and Lufkin, Texas; Plaquemine, La.; Fresno, Calif.; and Minneapolis/St. Paul, and their messages: "Cuidado con el tren" (use caution with trains), "Some shortcuts cut your life short" and "Trains travel 41 feet in the blink of an eye. Look again."

The "Always Expect a Train" public safety campaign raises awareness that a train could be using the railroad tracks at any time and to always approach them with caution. Union Pacific encourages drivers and pedestrians to follow all laws regarding grade crossings and railroad safety.

In addition to the billboard campaign, Union Pacific's UP CARES initiative promotes pedestrian and driver safety through a variety of outreach channels:

  • Grade crossing education and enforcement activities educate motorists violating rail crossing signage and laws about the dangers of such actions. Related "positive enforcement" initiatives reward drivers who operate safely at grade crossings.
  • Safety trains host local law enforcement, media and public officials and provide them the opportunity to ride in the locomotive cab and see traffic violations from a locomotive engineer's point of view. This also allows Union Pacific to connect with community leaders and help them better understand the railroad's safety focus.
  • Communication blitzes educate the public via community events, media outreach and paid advertising. Media outreach coincides with safety trains in UP communities.

For more information and public safety resources, including examples of billboard creative and messaging, visit or



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