Return to Work Requirements

Furloughed employees who are recalled should review and complete the following requirements as applicable before returning to work:

  • If you have had a change in marital status (married or divorced) or had a child, please contact United Healthcare at 1-800-842-9905 to update your Health and Welfare insurance records for eligible dependents.
  • Report any felony or misdemeanors convictions to your supervisor, unless they are drug and alcohol related, as described in 1.6.1 through 1.6.2 of the General Code of Operating Rules. If a conviction is drug and alcohol related, contact EAP at 1-800-779-1212.
  • Ensure all applicable operating certifications are up to date, including - but not limited to - Locomotive Engineer Qualifications, Remote Control Operator, etc. See your local manager for next steps.
  • Locomotive license recertification documents are available only through the MyUP portal and no longer are mailed to employees' homes. Any employee who possesses a Class 1 through 7 certificate to operate a locomotive will need to access his or her recertification packet via the portal.
    • Following an employee's initial certification, individuals are required to recertify every 36 months. To find out when your license expires, log on to the MyUP portal and view the "Recertification" portlet under the "My Work" tab. Employees also may print a temporary license from this area.
  • If you have not worked for 1 year or more, you must request a Return to Work Physical and drug screen from Logistics Health at 1-866-873-9261. Return to Work Physical and drug screen and clearance from Health and Medical Services must be completed prior to returning to work.
  • If you have not worked for less than 1 year, you must contact Health and Medical Services at 877-275-8747, opt 4 or 402-544-2142 prior to returning to work
  • If you are assigned to a port location and require a TWIC card for access, please contact TSA at to ensure you have a current card. If you do not have a current card, contact your local supervisor.
  • Contact OSS at 1-800-621-8953 to ensure your TCS User ID and password are current and active.

Contact your Manager of Training and Attendance regarding any training requirements:

Service Unit Contact Phone
Chicago Manuel A. Magana 708-649-5118
Council Bluffs Ryan Dunn 712-329-5116
Denver Fred Grant 303-405-5058
Fort Worth Scott Bridgman 901-896-7834
Houston Willam Jepson 713-577-0611
Kansas City Paula Duncan 816-399-1613
Livonia Raymond Scioneaux 337-794-0354
Los Angeles Jeff Best 909-685-2675
North Little Rock M.R. Haughton 501-837-3099
North Platte Michael Hansen 308-535-4585
Pocatello Steven Bybee 208-236-5303
Portland Chris Wood 503-249-2430
Roseville Brian Kline 916-789-5903
San Antonio James Tillman 210-289-4226
St. Louis Gary Rolfes 314-331-0656
Sunset James Slade 520-629-2171
Wichita Scott Bridgman 901-896-7834
Utah Sean Leatherbury 801-212-5241
Twin Cities Gloria Barton 651-552-3737

Contact your Service Unit Human Resource representative to complete any appropriate paperwork regarding employment eligibility:

Service Unit Recruitment Manager Phone Email
Chicago Eboni Richardson (708) 649-5183 Send Email
Council Bluffs LaTrice Drake-Torres (630) 562-7112 Send Email
Denver Ron Marshall (402) 618-8682 Send Email
Sunset Dora Orona (915) 534-3320 Send Email
Ft Worth Stacie Garcia (402) 321-5122 Send Email
Houston Carrie Wetter (916) 200-6193 Send Email
Kansas City Jennifer Ball (816) 399-1611 Send Email
Livonia Courtney Coleman (402) 578-7566 Send Email
Los Angeles Brent Litjen (626) 935-7538 Send Email
North Little Rock Rich Carman (501) 519-7434 Send Email
North Platte Ron Marshall (402) 618-8682 Send Email
Pocatello Sharon Brand (801) 212-3835 Send Email
Portland Derek Tompoles (503) 249-3082 Send Email
Roseville Elizabeth Lewis (916) 789-6375 Send Email
San Antonio Ken Kuwamura (402) 618-8519 Send Email
St Louis Pat Doyle (402) 618-4328 Send E-Mail
Twin Cities Linellis Santiago (651) 552-3741 Send Email
Utah Sharon Brand (801) 212-3835 Send Email
Wichita Stacie Garcia (402) 321-5122 Send Email