Nonagreement Employees and Spouses Enrolled In HDHP

Family health is an important component of employee wellness. To help your family stay well together, those enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) have Health Savings Account (HSA) dollars available to them (up to $2,800 for family coverage).

Health Savings Account (HSA) Incentives

Nonagreement (non-union) employees and spouses enrolled in High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and who have opened a Health Savings Account (HSA) with BenefitWallet, can earn incentive dollars. To earn these incentives for the current plan year, employees and spouses must complete the following Wellness Program activities by Dec. 31.

Additional HSA Dollars Wellness Program Process


For completing the online Wellness Assessment Access to the Wellness Assessment and log in by visiting
 $100 For being a nonsmoker as indicated on the Wellness Assessment or participating in UP-sponsored tobacco cessation program A question on the Wellness Assessment asks about smoking status. Employees or spouses who smoke can participate in a UP-sponsored tobacco cessation program. Questions about the program should be directed to the Health Promotion Department at (402) 544-3668.
 $150 For completing an annual physical  Complete and sign the Annual Physical Form and fax or mail the completed form as listed on the document.
Please note: If family coverage is the result of employee plus non-spouse dependents, the employee receives the funds a spouse would otherwise earn.

Incentive Tracking

How can I track when my rewards/incentives are earned?

    Incentives earned/recorded on the 
Live More Portal
 Wellness Assessment Automatically updated upon completion Wellness Assessment
 Nonsmoker Automatically updated upon completion Wellness Assessment
Tobacco Cessation Program Automatically updated upon completion of 3rd coaching call
 Annual Exam Within five business days of WebMD’s receipt of the Annual Physical Form