Amtrak Form 620 Policy for Deadheading Crews

NRPC 620 Railroad Request for Employee Transportation of UPRR Deadhead Crews Riding Amtrak



Amtrak has historically provided a billing arrangement to certain freight railroads for the purchase of transportation for their employees traveling on company business. Form NRPC 620, Railroad Request for Employee Transportation is the only official document utilized for this billing arrangement.

Based upon these arrangements, Amtrak is required to submit a properly signed NRPC 620 to the freight railroad, to authorize payment for transporting its employees. Although the procedures have existed for many years, there is an increasing number of instances wherein the NRPC 620s are being handled incorrectly and/or fares not being charged. This jeopardizes Amtrak’s ability to collect proper compensation from freight carriers.

In addition, the back of the Conductor On-Board Ticket Stock (COTS) provides guidance in the handling of situations when the fare shown on the NRPC 620 is incorrect, or no NRPC 620 is presented.


The standard procedures for properly completing the NRPC 620 are as follows:

  • A properly completed NRPC 620 should be accepted as transportation for railroad employees when boarding at either an un-staffed station location, or a station that is closed at the time of boarding.
  • In order to be transported, the railroad employee must have a ticket or a properly completed NRPC 620 with the employee name clearly printed on it, and show a valid Union Pacific ID. In the bottom right hand box, the employee will be required to print and sign their name and enter their Employee ID.
  • Each NRPC 620 has a unique Ticket Number; hence photocopies of the form are not acceptable. Photocopies should be discontinued.

The NRPC 620 forms can be obtained by calling the Passenger Operations/Amtrak Department at 402-636-7114.