Serving Carrier & Reciprocal Switching Information

Notice of Cancellation of UP-BNSF Bilateral Switching Agreement

On February 1, 1998, Union Pacific and BNSF Railway entered into a Bilateral Switching Agreement. Over the past 15 years UP and BNSF have agreed to one rate increase, which occurred in 2005. UP has determined that the charges set back in 2005 are no longer compensatory for the services provided by UP.

As a result, UP has notified BNSF of our intent to cancel the Bilateral Switching Agreement effective November 1, 2013. In accordance with the termination provisions of the Bilateral Switching Agreement, UP will publish in its switching circular per car reciprocal switching rates for BNSF effective November 1, 2013, as follows:

Category/Commodity New Rate
Non-grain $295
Manifest Grain (less than 50 cars) $295
Trainload Grain (50 cars or greater) $105

Additionally, in accordance with the separate agreement among the Chemical Manufacturer's Association (CMA), BNSF and UP, the charges for former SP customers will be $179 per car with one exception; i.e., that for grain shipments of 50 or more carloads in a train, the applicable rate will be $105 per car. Former SP customers will be designated by the note "S" in UP's switching circular.

Please note that reciprocal switching charges for "2-to-1" points are not affected by these changes and will continue to be adjusted as provided in the BNSF/UP Settlement Agreement, which the STB adopted as a condition of its approval of the UP/SP Merger. Likewise, these changes will not affect the status of customers for which UP currently provides switching on behalf of BNSF.

Serving Carrier & Reciprocal Switch Application

The Serving Carrier & Reciprocal Switch Application is designed to provide customers with information regarding the serving carrier(s) for a specific location, including the switch status:

  • Open (serving carrier provides switching for other carriers).
  • Closed and Local (serving carrier does not provide switching for other carriers and requires involvement in the line haul route).
  • Restricted (serving carrier ONLY provides switching under the identified conditions).

To help locate a customer facility, a partial name spelling, followed by an asterisk, can also be entered in the Customer Name or City fields.

Reciprocal Switching Circular

The documents below list Union Pacific-served industries accessible to other railroads via reciprocal switch. It includes locations and fees UP charges other railroads for reciprocal switch services.

Once you have verified service to your location:

  1. If the origin or both facilities are on UP, check out our Price and Transit Time Inquiry. 
  2. If the origin is on another railroad, check with that carrier for pricing information.
  3. Contact your UP representative for further assistance, or send us a Rate Request (User ID and password required.)
  4. To receive notification on switching circular updates, please send an e-mail to