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WPRR operates freight service from a connection with UP at Albany to Toledo, OR, 75 miles; from Dawson through Alpine Jct., to Newberg, 84.9 miles; and short branch lines to Monroe, Dallas and Willamina, OR. A total of 183.8 miles are leased and the company has an additional 41.2 miles of trackage rights from Albany to Eugene, OR where most interchange takes place. Rail varies from 75-90-112-136 pound.

Traffic is primarily forest and paper products, scrap, and steel 38,000 cars a year.

This company has a long term lease from the former Southern Pacific effective February 22, 1993. WPRR is a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. The Toledo line was built by the Willamette Valley & Coast Railroad chartered in 1879. In 1882 that company was reorganized as the Oregon Pacific, and in 1895 it became the Oregon, Corvallis & Eastern. In 1915 it became the Corvalis & Eastern and in 1915 SP acquired control. The main line from McMinnville south was built in 1880 as the Western Oregon Railroad that was later acquired by SP. The mileage between St. Joseph (northeast of McMinnville) and Newberg was constructed in two increments.

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Willamette & Pacific Railroad Inc.
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