Texas Pacifico Transportation, LTD TXPF #57

Nature of Firm

TXPF operates freight service over 382 miles in West Texas. The line runs from San Angelo Junction to Alpine Junction. TXPF has trackage right over UP between Alpine Junction to Paisano Junction and operates from Paisano Junction to International Bridge near Presidio, TX. TXPF has connections with UP, FXE, BNSF and FWWR. 


The railroad was originally chartered in 1897 as the Colorado Valley Railroad and provided service from Colorado City to San Angelo. By 1909, the railroad had changed its name to Kansas City, Mexico and Orient of Texas and ran from the Rio Grande River to the Red River.  In 1928 the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe purchased the line. In 1992, ATSF transferred the right of way and fixed assets to South Orient Rural Rail Transportation District (an instrumentality of the State of Texas) and leased the line and the right to salvage to South Orient Railroad Company. In 1998, South Orient Railroad notified the STB of its intent to abandon the line. The State retained ownership of the line and the South Orient discontinued service. In 2000, Texas Pacifico Transportation Company leased the line and operations began in 2004.

Company Information

Mailing Address Texas Pacifico Transportation, LTD
3814 Sherwood Way
San Angelo, TX 77693
Phone 325-942-8164
Fax 325-942-8526
Web site http://www.texaspacifico.com
Contacts Steve Radney
Vice-President Operations
Phone: 325-340-4103
E-mail: s.radney@txpf.us

Elizabeth Grindstaff
Vice-President, Marketing & Sales
Phone: 325-942-8164
E-mail: e.grindstaff@txpf.us
Company Affiliation Groupo Mexico 
Interchange Points Alpine, TX and Ft Worth, TX via FWWR
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI