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Tulare Valley Railroad Company TVRR #839

Nature of Firm
On December 22, 1992, this company acquired several former ATSF California branch lines totaling 158 miles including the following:

The only trackage remaining on TVRR is a branch from Ducor to Ultra (6.1 miles). The remainder of this Railroad has been purchased by the SJVR in May 1998.

The company has contracted San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVR) to operate this line. Since starting service, TVRR has been abandoned between Corcoran and Tulare, 14.7 miles and between Visalia and Cutler, 13.3 miles. Wyeth to Orange Cove and Minkler has also been abandoned.

This company is controlled by Morris Kulmer, Kern Schumucher and Michael Van Wagenen.

Rex Bergholm (SJVR operates the TVRR)
General Manager
Phone: 559-592-1857
Fax: 559-592-1859

P. O. Box 26421
Salt Lake City, UT 84126
Phone: 801-972-8330

Revenue Requirements
Handling Carrier
$900 surcharge at Ultra

Interchange Points
TVRR connects with SJVR at Ducor and BNSF routes via SJVR at Fresno
UP connects with TVRR through the SJVR at Goshen Junction

Equipment Summary
No equipment - operated by SJVR

Information Exchange Method

Customers Served
Ultra Branch (operated by SJVR)
Cannella Chemical