Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company TSE #765

Nature of Firm

TSE provides switching services from Diboll, TX, with 12 miles of yard track.  Traffic includes lumber and forest products.


The company was incorporated October 9, 1900, and has been controlled by Temple-Inland Corporation since 1992. In July 2013, Georgia Pacific Corporation purchased the Diboll, TX Temple-Inland Building Products facilities, including the TSE.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company
P. O. Box 366
Diboll, TX 75941

Phone 936-829-5613
Fax 936-829-4814
Web Site www.gp.com

Gary Mike Smith
General Manager

Manuel Cruseturner
Freight Administrator

Company Affiliation Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Interchange Points Diboll, TX
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method Fax