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Incorporated on October 29, 1908, The Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad (ST&E) provides rail freight service in the greater Stockton, California area. Running on 25 miles of track and connecting with the BNSF Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, and the Central California Traction Company, the ST&E Railroad supports the transportation needs of multiple industries. Customer Commodities shipped include agriculture, livestock, steel, chemical transportation, food processing and many other industries that call Stockton home. The STE also links to the Port of Stockton.

Strategically located near Interstate 5, one of North America’s busiest freight corridors, the Stockton Terminal & Eastern maintains access to active and available warehousing space including hundreds of acres of industrial zoned property.


The STE was incorporated October 29, 1908 to build a 27-mile line from Stockton to Jenny Lind, CA. The road opened from Stockton to Bellota (18.5 miles), and was sold under foreclosure on January 18, 1919.  The line was purchased and operated by E.F. Davis until December 31, 1926. It was cut back to Linden in the 1950s. The company was owned by the Stockton Terminal Company (Beard Family) from 1958 to 2011, when Omnitrax, the current owner, purchased the line.

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Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad
1330 North Broadway Ave
Stockton, CA  95205

Phone 209-466-7001
Fax 209-466-1862
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Winston Deason
General Manager
Phone 209-466-7001

Joe Cutrera
Business Development
Phone 415-828-8010

Company Affiliation OmniTRAX, Inc.
Interchange Points Stockton, CA
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