Southern Switching Company SSC #814

Nature of Firm

SSC operates freight service from a connection with UP at Abilene, TX over nine miles of track. Traffic includes grain, fertilizer, sugar, lumber, fructose, scrap metal and wind energy components.


The northern five miles of track was owned by BNSF and sold to Lone Star Railroad in May 1994.  The southern four miles of track (A&S Industrial Lead) was formerly operated by UP and leased to Lone Star Railroad in June 1998.  Southern Switching Company operates the nine miles of track.

Company Information

Mailing Address Southern Switching Company
434 South 2nd Street
Abilene, TX 79602
Phone 325-677-3601
Fax 325-677-3571
Web Site

Jeff Baskett
Vice President  
Phone 618-632-4400 ext 105 
Email -

Dan Randle
General Manager
Phone 325-439-0902   
Email -

Company Affiliation Ironhorse Resources
Interchange Points Abilene, TX
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI