Sabine River & Northern Railroad Company SRN #678

Nature of Firm

SRN operates freight service from Bessmay to Echo, TX (32 miles) and a branch line from Buna to Evadale, TX (8 miles). SRN has connections with UP at Echo and Mauriceville, TX, with KCS at Lemonville, TX and with a BNSF shortline (Timber Rock Railroad at Bessmay and Evadale, TX). Traffic consists of pulp and paper products.


The company was incorporated April 20, 1965 and construction was completed and service start from Echo to Mulford, TX in April, 1966. Service was extended to Mauriceville and Bessmay in August, 1967. The branch to Evadale was in operation in June, 1988. 

Company Information

Mailing Address

Sabine River & Northern Railroad Company
5830 Old Highway 87 North
Orange, TX  77632

Phone 409-746-2453
Fax 409-746-2897
Web Site n/a

David Kleinknecht
Operating Manager

Company Affiliation Temple-Inland Incorporated
Interchange Points Mauriceville and Echo, TX
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method Short Line Data Systems