San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad SPSR #513

Nature of Firm

SPSR runs from a connection with UP at Benson, AZ to Curtiss, AZ (10 miles). Traffic consists of chemicals used in manufacturing of fertilizer and other nitrogen products and copper products. A public team track and transloading services are available at Benson, AZ. SPSR performs all industry switching and interchange at Willcox, AZ. The SPSR also services the Central Arizona Commerce Park at Casa Grande AZ., which is 580 acres of heavy industrial property with UP interchange access.


The line between Benson and Bisbee was built by the Arizona & Southwestern charter May 24, 1888 and opened the following year. That company was acquired by the El Paso & Southwestern and extended from Bisbee through Douglas to El Paso in 1902. EP&SW was leased by SP in 1924 and merged into SP in 1955. In December 1994, SP sold the property to the San Pedro & Southwestern Railway (a subsidiary of StatesRail, Inc). In 1996 the portion of this line from Paul Spur to Douglas and between Bisbee Junction and Bisbee was approved for abandonment by the STB and was removed. StatesRail was purchased by RailAmerica, and RailAmerica has sold the SPSR operations to the Arizona Railroad Group in 2003. In 2006, the STB approved abandonment of a portion of the line running from Curtiss to Paul Spur, AZ.

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San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad
796 East Country Club Drive
Benson, AZ 85602

Phone 520-586-2266
Fax 520-586-2999
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Contacts Scott Parkinson
Company Affiliation Private
Interchange Points Benson, AZ
Willcox, AZ
Casa Grande, AZ
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI