San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company SMA #794

Nature of Firm

SMA operates freight service from a connection with the Copper Basin Railroad (and by haulage agreement with UP) at Hayden to San Manuel, AZ (29.4 miles).


San Manual Arizona Railroad was constructed by a joint venture consisting of Utah Construction Company and The Sterns-Roger Manufacturing Company, which had a contract with San Manuel Copper Corporation for the construction of the railroad. The company was incorporated September 29, 1953, and the railroad began operations in 1955.  The copper mine at San Manuel was permanently closed in October 2003. The SMA ceased operations in 1999. There are no current plans to reopen this line.

Company Information

Mailing Address

San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
P. O. Box M
San Manuel, AZ 85631

Phone 520-385-3264
Fax 520-385-3623
Web Site n/a

Kent Fletcher
VP & General Manager

Company Affiliation BHP Billiton
Interchange Points Magma, AZ
Agreement Type Interline Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI