Stillwater Central Railroad SLWC #797

Nature of Firm

SLWC operates freight service over 263 miles of track in the State of Oklahoma. SLWC operates from Sapulpa through Oklahoma City through Lawton to Snyder and has trackage rights over BNSF from Sapulpa to Tulsa, and from Snyder to Long. SLWC operates a branch from Stillwater to a connection with BNSF at Pawnee.  Traffic includes mined, mineral and industrial products.


In July 1998, SLWC leased 125 miles of rail line from the State of Oklahoma: the line between Sapulpa and Oklahoma City and the branch line from Stillwater to Pawnee. In January 2002, SLWC acquired from the BNSF and began operating 120 miles of rail line from Wheatland (south of Oklahoma City) to Long. In January 2005, SLWC leased from BNSF a line from Wheatland to Oklahoma City.

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Stillwater Central Railroad
500 SE 9th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73129

Phone 405-616-3000
Fax 405-636-5292
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Pat Foster
General Manager

Carla D. Rice
Marketing Manager

Company Affiliation Watco Companies, Inc.
Interchange Points Midwest City, OK
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI