South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad SKOL #701

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SKOL operates over 511 miles rail lines in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Lines include 1) Tulsa, OK to Humboldt, KS, 2) Cherryvale to Oxford, KS, 3) Cherryvale to Sherwin, KS to Liberal, MO,  4) Cherryvale to Coffeyville, KS, 5) Sherwin to Columbus, KS, and 6) Owasso to Catoosa, OK. Traffic includes grain, grain products, cement, chemicals, steel and plastics.


In July 2000, WATCO merged two short lines, Southeast Kansas Railroad Company (SEKR) and South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad Company (SKOL), with SKOL as the surviving short line. SEKR started service on April 1987 with a line purchased from the MP from Coffeyville, KS to Nassua Jct, MO. This former MP line was built in the 1880s. The only active line left from the SEKR runs from Sherwin, KS to Liberal, MO, with all the SEKR lines abandoned. The SKOL was formed at the end of 1990 when it acquired 287 miles of rail lines from the ATSF. As a result of subsequent acquisitions, leases and abandonments, SKOL current lines consist of: Humboldt line, built by the Southern Kansas Railway in the late 1870’s; SKRY, leased to ATSF before the turn of the century; Tulsa line, completed in 1905; Oxford line, completed in the 1880s; and the Tulsa Port Authority branch, completed in 1968. ATSF sold the lines to SKOL on December 28, 1990.

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South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad
123 N Depot
Cherryvale, KS 67335

Phone 620-336-2291
Fax 620-336-2712
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Matt Despos
General Manager

Becky Fearmonti
Marketing Manager 

Company Affiliation WATCO, Inc.
Interchange Points Coffeyville, Fredonia, Winfield, KS and Tulsa, OK
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Information Exchange Method RMI