San Joaquin Valley Railroad SJVR #738

Nature of Firm

SJVR provides service over lines in California extending from a connection at Fresno,  to former SP West Side and Riverdale Branch Lines (72.2 miles), the Clovis Branch (8.4 miles) and also south through Exeter to Jovista (98.5 miles).  A branch runs from Exeter through Goshen Jct. to Huron (58.8 miles) with a second UP connection at Goshen Jct. A third connection is in Bakersfield where SJVR  operates the former SP Oil Jct (4.3 miles), Arvin (16.5 miles) and Buttonwillow (32.7 miles) branch lines. The line to Levee was formerly the Sunset Railway and is now operated by SJVR (26.1 miles).  Traffic includes lumber and forest products, consumer products, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, packaged foods, canned foods, frozen meats, poultry, cheese, coke, and petroleum/chemical products.


The company started taking over several SP branch lines on January 2, 1992. The first line was Reedley through Exeter to Terra Bella and from Exeter to Goshen Jct.  On January 14, the company expanded its operation from Goshen Jct to Huron.  SJVR operated The Port Railroads, Inc. (PRI) from March 13, 1994 until April 13, 1996 when the PRI was absorbed by SJVR.  In May 1997, SJVR leased and started operating the Sunset Railway from Gosford to Taft, 36.5 miles (In 2005, Levee to Taft was abandoned, 16.5 miles).  RailAmerica acquired SJVR, in January 2002, from StatesRail. In December 2013, Genesee and Wyoming purchased Rail America, to include the San Joaquin Valley Railroad.

Company Information

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San Joaquin Valley Railroad Company
221 North F Street
P. O. Box 937
Exeter, CA  93221

Phone 559-592-1857
Fax 559-592-1859
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Joe Evans
General Manager

David Siegel
Marketing Manager

Company Affiliation Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.
Interchange Points Bakersfield, Goshen Jct and Fresno, CA
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI