San Francisco Bay Railroad Company SFB #543

Nature of Firm

SFBR is a Class 3 short line railroad that operates over five miles of track in the City and Port of San Francisco. SFBR interchanges exclusively with Union Pacific Railroad and has the capacity to store 300 cars, and the means to load or unload over 60 rail cars per day. SFBR cargo includes aggregates, ash, bio-diesel, tallow, cement, steel, containerized cargo and waste.


SFBR is the successor to the State Belt Railroad of California that began operations in San Francisco in 1889 and operated 45 miles of track along San Francisco's waterfront. SFBR received federal STB approval as a short line in 2000.

Company Information

Mailing Address

San Francisco Bay Railroad
100 Cargo Way @ Port of SF Railyard
San Francisco, CA 94124

Phone 415-642-7177
Fax 415-642-7174
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David Gavrich
President and CEO

Jake Studer
Manager - Rail Operations

Larry Frias
Chief Financial Officer

Company Affiliation Waste Solutions Group
The Port of San Francisco
Metro Ports
Interchange Points San Francisco, CA
Agreement Type Rule 11 Carrier
Information Exchange Method Fax, Telephone, Email