SEMO Port Railroad, Inc. SE #788

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SE operates freight service from a connection with BNSF at Cape Girardeau, MO to a connection with UP at Capedeau Junction, MO (5.8 miles).  The Port Authority developed a Mississippi River port near Cape Girardeau, and the rail line gives their industries and shippers competitive rail access.  There are aggregate and grain shippers located along the line. Traffic consists of grain, cement, plastics, agricultural products, chemicals, and some hazard waste.


The railroad is a former MP line built in 1929. It was acquired by the Southeast Missouri Regional Port Authority on October 28, 1994. The railroad is a subsidiary of the port authority and service started December 3, 1994.

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SEMO Port Railroad, Inc.
10 Bill Bess Drive
Scott City, MO 63780

Phone 573-264-4045
Fax 573-264-2727
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Dan Overbey
Executive Director

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Interchange Points Capedeau Junction, MO
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI