South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Company SCIH #557

Nature of Firm

The company is a switching and terminal railway operating 27 miles of track in the Calumet district, serving various industries at South Chicago and South Deering, IL and Indiana Harbor, IN.


The company was incorporated December 8, 1900 and operations started in 1903 as Chicago Short Line Railway. In April 2002, International Steel Group, Inc. (ISG) acquired the railroad lines and trackage rights and operated it as South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Company. In May 2005, Mittal Steel acquired control of SCIH.

Company Information

Mailing Address South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Company
9746 S. Avenue N
Chicago, IL 60617
Phone 773-768-6443
Fax 773-768-6407
Web Site n/a
Contacts Saham Paniagua
Company Affiliation Mittal Steel
Interchange Points Chicago, IL via Belt Railway Company of Chicago
Agreement Type Interline Settlement Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI