Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad RVT #527

Nature of Firm

RVT operates freight switching service on 14.27 miles of track from a connection with CORP at White City, OR.  RVT provides exclusive switching service at the Medford Industrial Park in White City, OR, southern Oregon's largest rail-served industrial complex.

CORP hauls RVT’s traffic to interchange with UP at Eugene, OR. Traffic includes lumber, plywood, other forest products, asphalt, fly ash and chemicals.  RVT offers an array of railcar storage services.  There are also several rail-to-truck transload sites available for offline customers in the Medford Industrial Park.


The White City Terminal & Utility Company started operations in November 1954. The railroad was renamed WCTU Railway Company when Union Tank Car Company acquired control in 1974.  The railroad was purchased by CCT Rail System Corporation in December 2012, and renamed Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad Corporation in March 2013.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad Corporation
2095 Avenue F
White City, OR 97503-3210

Phone 541-826-2631
Fax 541-826-4420
Web Site

Scott DeVries
President & General Manager 

Charles Thompson
Assistant General Manager

Company Affiliation CCT Rail System Corporation
Interchange Points Eugene, OR via CORP
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI