Richmond Pacific Railroad Corporation RPRC #449

Nature of Firm

The RPRC switches the Port of Richmond and serves industries on 10 miles of track in the Richmond, CA area.  RPRC interchanges with both UP and BNSF. Traffic includes stone, ores, lumber, food products and petroleum products.


The railroad was incorporated in July 1950 to take over a private railroad of the Parr-Richmond Industrial Corporation. In April 2002, RPRC leased 10 miles of track owned by BNSF and UP.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Richmond Pacific Railroad Corporation
402 Wright Avenue
Richmond, CA 94804

Phone 510-232-4422
Fax 510-236-0129
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Barbara O'Neill
Director of Marketing

John Cockle

Company Affiliation Levin-Richmond Terminal Corporation
Interchange Points Stege, CA
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI