Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad POTB #637

Nature of Firm

The POTB provides freight service over 88.3 miles of track extending from Tillamook to Hillsboro, OR and a connection with UP via the Portland & Western Railroad. Traffic includes lumber, forest products, aggregates and grains.


The POTB was formed in 1952 to acquire and develop a former US Navy switching line at Tillamook Naval Blimp Base built in 1943. In May 1986, the company was granted trackage rights over former SP line to Hillsboro. That line was built by the Pacific Railway & Navigation Company between 1906 and 1911, and came under control of the SP in 1915. The line from Tillamook to Shefflin (five miles from Hillsboro), was purchased by the State of Oregon and POTB on February 1, 1990. Due to a catastrophic storm that demolished the railroad in November, 2007, POTB is not operating its lines west of Banks, OR until further notice. 

Company Information

Mailing Address

Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
4000 Blimp Blvd
Tillamook, OR 97141

Phone 503-842-2413 ext. 116
Fax 503-842-3680
Web Site www.potb.org

Bob Van Borrsum

Company Affiliation n/a
Interchange Points Hillsboro, OR via PNWR
Agreement Type June 2008 - Not an operating railroad
Information Exchange Method Fax