Pacific Harbor Line PHL #600

Nature of Firm

The PHL serves the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, separate entities that share San Pedro Bay. PHL controls and coordinates all train movement within the Ports, including Class I railroad unit trains operating to and from Port intermodal and bulk terminals. The company now operates most of the terminal and switching trackage in the port area including trackage formerly operated by the Harbor Belt Line Railroad. 

Company Information

Mailing Address

Pacific Harbor Line
340 Water Street
Willington, CA 90744

Phone 310-834-4594
Fax 310-513-6789
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Otis Cliatt, II

Joel A. Torres
Vice President

Gregory S. Dixon
General Superintendent

Donald G. Norton
Director, Marketing & Admin

Company Affiliation Anacostia & Pacific Company, Inc.
Interchange Points Dolores and Mead Yard, CA
Agreement Type Switch Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI