Minnesota Commercial Railway MNNR #973

Nature of Firm

MNNR is a switching railroad serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area, operating 146 miles of track. The railroad serves a total of ten Minnesota communities with a main line extending from St. Paul into the northern suburbs of Anoka County and east to Bayport and Hugo. MNNR uses BNSF, CPR and UP tracks to reach other carriers yards in Minneapolis and St Paul for interchange. Traffic includes lumber, steel, paper, potash, consumer goods, grain and grain products.    


The line was incorporated March 10, 1883 as the Minnesota Transfer Railway and was owned by the major railroads in the Twin Cities area. The Minnesota Commercial began operations in 1987 when it acquired the Minnesota Transfer Railway Company plus lines from other Class I railroads.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Minnesota Commercial Railway
508 Cleveland Ave North 
St. Paul, MN  55114

Phone 651-646-2010
Fax 651-646-8549
Web Site www.mnnr.net

John W. Gohmann
Chairman and President
phone 847-549-0486
Joe Kellner
Director Marketing
phone 651-632-9014

Company Affiliation Private
Interchange Points Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Agreement Type Switch Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI