Manufacturers’ Junction Railway Company MJ #459

Nature of Firm

MJ operates a six-mile switching line at Cicero, IL. Connections are made with UP (via BRC), BNSF, BRC, BOCT, and CN.


This company was incorporated January 28, 1903 and opened in 1906. In May 1986, the ICC approved the sale of controlling interest in the line by its owner, AT&T Technologies, Inc., to the Chicago West Pullman Transportation Corporation. The company is a subsdiary of OmniTRAX.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Manufacturers' Junction Railway Company
2335 South Cicero Avenue
Cicero, IL 60804

Phone 773-721-4000
Fax 773-374-0371
Web Site

Bill Pietsch
Director of Sales
Phone: 773-456-8642

Company Affiliation OmniTRAX, Inc.
Interchange Points Cicero via Belt Railway Company of Chicago
Agreement Type Switching Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI