Mount Hood Railroad MH #516

Nature of Firm

MH operates freight and seasonal passenger excursion service from a connection with the UP at Hood River to Parkdale, OR (21.1 miles). Traffic is fruit, lumber and general commodities. Most revenue comes from passenger excursions.


The company was incorporated October 23, 1905 and opened in May 1906. The Mount Hood Railway was chartered by Union Pacific on April 30, 1968 to acquire the assets of the Mount Hood Railroad. The company began operations October 16, 1968 and continued until November 2, 1987 when it was sold by UP to local interests and reorganized under the original name. In April 2008, MH was acquired by Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Mount Hood Railroad
110 Railroad Avenue
Mount Hood, CA 97031

Phone 541-386-3556
Fax 541-386-2140
Web Site

Ron Kaufman
Road Operations

Jack Dapkus
Vice President - Sales

Company Affiliation Iowa Pacific, LLC
Interchange Points Hood River, OR
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI