Lake Railway LRY #632

Nature of Firm

LRY LLC, d.b.a. 'Lake Railway' leases a 55 mile line from Lakeview, OR to Alturas, CA and 60 miles of line from Alturas, CA to Perez, CA from Union Pacific Railroad. LRY currently hauls perlite, lumber and agricultural products, as well as providing various car storage services.


Lake County purchased the Lakeview Branch when the Southern Pacific abandoned service in 1985. The railroad has was operated by Great Western Railroad, Lake County, and other operators until LRY commenced operation in May of 2009. LRY is operating a financially stable operation and average two round trips per week to Union Pacific interchange. LRY has successfully managed the maintenance of the infrastructure, including 'Connect Oregon' II and IV projects.

Company Information

Mailing Address

337 Grain Terminal Road
Burbank, WA 99323


Accounting: 509-540-7111
Operations, Business: 360-448-0371

Fax n/a
Web Site
Contacts Rob Didelius
General Manager

Crystal Ebberts
Financial (Car Accounting) Administrator

Paul Didelius
Owner and Commercial Director
Company Affiliation None
Interchange Points Union Pacific at Perez, CA
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method Email, Phone, EDI (RMI)