Indiana Railroad Company INRD #780

Nature of Firm

The Indiana Railroad Company is a 500-mile regional freight railroad, hauling some 170,000 carloads of freight – more than 15 million tons of goods annually. The railroad carries traffic between Chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis and Newton, Illinois, with connections to major western and southern carriers. Indiana Railroad was founded in 1986 and maintains headquarters in Indianapolis.

INRD offers customers connections to western carriers at Chicago, including UP, BNSF, CP, CN and CSXT, as well as several regional carriers and short lines. INRD is an indirect interchange for UP by haulage from CSXT. In Louisville, INRD connects with eastern carriers including the Norfolk Southern, CSXT, Paducah and Louisville, and the Louisville & Indiana.

Company Information

Mailing Address The Indiana Railroad Company
8888 Keystone Crossing
Suite 1600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone 317-262-5140
Fax 317-884-5401

Dennis Schmidt

Company Affiliation Private
Interchange Points Chicago, IL
Agreement Type ISS
Information Exchange Method RMI