Chicago Terminal Railroad CTM #172

Nature of Firm

CTM owns and operates the freight switching service on five miles of track in downtown Chicago, IL, connecting with UP at North Avenue Yard. Additionally, CTM contracts with UP to provide switching service on 21 miles of track in the Centex Industrial Park at Elk Grove Village, IL. Traffic includes steel scrap, lumber, sugar and plastics.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Chicago Terminal Railroad
118 S. Clinton St.
Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60661

Phone 312-348-6077
Fax 312-278-1231
Web Site

Jack Dapkus
Vice President - Sales
Phone: 708-829-9160

Steve Gregory
Vice President - Marketing
Phone: 806-438-0891

Company Affiliation Iowa Pacific Holdings, LLC
Interchange Points North Avenue (Chicago) and Elk Grove Village, IL
Agreement Type Contract
Information Exchange Method RMI