Central Midland Railway CMR #386

Nature of Firm

CMR has been contracted by Ameren Corporation to operate the Missouri Central. The line is 255 miles and runs from west of Vigus, MO to Pleasant Hill, MO; only a 42 mile segment from Vigus to Union is in operation. This was part of an Old Rock Island Line the Southern Pacific acquired. The Lackland Subdivision is a 33.5 mile rail line owned by Union Pacific and leased by CMR, runs from Lackland (St. Louis) to Vigus, MO.


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Company Information

Mailing Address Central Midland Railway 
1400 N. Warson Road
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone 618-910-8273
Fax 618-667-9804
Web Site www.cmrailway.com
Contacts Jordan Buck
Director Marketing Services
Company Affiliation Progressive Rail, Inc.
21778 Highview Avenue
Lakeville, MN 55044
Interchange Points Lackland, MO (TRRA delivers to CMR at Lackland, MO)
Agreement Type Handling Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI