City of Rochelle Railroad Company CIR #138

Nature of Firm

The City of Rochelle Railroad provides switching service over two and half miles of industrial track in Rochelle, IL. Interchange is made with UP and BNSF. Traffic includes lumber, steel and frozen foods.


Short line service was started by the City of Rochelle in January, 1998. The railroad is now being operated by Total Logistic Control, Inc.

Company Information

Mailing Address

C/O Total Logistic Control, Inc.
Rochelle Logistic Center 1
976 South Caron Road 
P. O. Box 4
Rochelle, IL 61068

Phone 815-562-2350 ext. 112
Fax 815-562-5001
Web Site


Jason Anderson
General Manager
Phone: 815-562-7595

Company Affiliation City of Rochelle, IL
Interchange Points Rochelle, IL
Agreement Type Switching Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI