Bauxite & Northern Railway Company BXN #84

Nature of Firm

BXN operates freight service from a connection with the UP at Bauxite Jct to Bauxite, AR (3.0 miles). Traffic includes bauxite, alumina, clay and cement.


The company was incorporated November 13, 1906. Construction started during April 1907 and the road opened a short time later. The company has been owned by Aluminum Company of America since it was built.

In September 2005, RailAmerica purchased the railroad from Alcoa. In 2013, Genesee & Wyoming purchased RailAmerica.

Company Information

Mailing Address

Bauxite & Northern Railway Company
Cyanamid Road
P. O. Box 138
Bauxite, AR 72011

Phone 501-776-4619
Fax 501-776-4558
Web Site

Anita Horton
Director of Marketing
Phone: 417-359-3111

Company Affiliation

Genesee & Wyoming

Interchange Points Bauxite Jct, AR
Agreement Type Interline Settlement Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI