Belt Railway Company of Chicago BRC #83

Nature of Firm

The Belt Railway is an intermediate switching terminal railroad with 28 miles of mainline and over 300 miles of switching tracks. The BRC has direct interchange with every railroad serving the Chicago rail hub. Regular service is coordinated with truck line arrivals and departures on all freight moving through the Chicago gateway and into and out of the Chicago Switching District. The Bedford Industrial Park and the Clearing District, just outside the city limits, is served exclusively by the BRC.


In 1882 the Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad was chartered, the original parent company of the BRC. During a four-year period, a series of connecting railroads was constructed that formed a “belt line” which linked every major railroad in the city and served industries in south Chicago and Calumet districts. Five railroads originally executed leases to use the tracks and terminal as tenants – Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway, Chicago & Atlantic Railway, Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad, Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway, and Chicago & Grand Truck Railway. By 1910, seven more railroads had joined. Due to mergers and bankruptcies over the years, the Belt is owned by six major railroads.

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Belt Railway Company of Chicago
6900 South Central Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638

Phone 708-496-4000
Fax 708-496-3037
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Patrick J. O’Brien
Rod Wojcik
Director Agency & Customer Service

Company Affiliation UP, BNSF, CN, CP, CSX, NS
Interchange Points Chicago, IL
Agreement Type Switch Settlement Carrier
Information Exchange Method RMI