Border Service

Union Pacific's Border Service is service to and from the U.S.-Mexico border. EMP and UMAX programs provide expanded access to markets across North America, utilizing four Union Pacific border gateways--El Paso, Laredo and Rio Valley, TX; plus Tucson, AZ. Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs) monitor the Customs clearance process at the border, eliminating the need for customers to do so and making the Customs process simple and efficient.

Features Benefits
  • Ramp-to-ramp service to and from UP's gateway points
  • Clears Customs at the border
  • Accommodates mid-bridge term of sale and supports Laredo warehousing 
  • Customer coordinates delivery to the United States Freight Forwarder (USFF) or Mexico destination
  • Wider choice of United States Freight Forwarders (USFF) and Customs Brokers
  • Advance equipment reservations with 24-hour access to REZ-1
  • Allows you to ship when you need to ship, not when capacity is available

Prices and Billing

To find prices for shipping to and from Mexico, use the Domestic Z-Rates Tool. For Canadian and East Coast origins, call your originating carrier.

Can't find a price? Submit an Express Quote rate request to the Union Pacific Intermodal Team.

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